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In the 80s, everyone was afraid of “fat”. We believed that fat made us, well fat. And being fat brought on many more undesirable health issues.

But recent research shows that avoiding fat altogether is as dangerous since fatty acids are essential to our body. Not only do fatty acids provide energy, our body also needs fat to absorb vital vitamins. Moreover, 60% of our brain is composed of fat. You can see how fat is actually essential to our lives.

Experts suggest that good fat isn’t limited to the infamous Omega-3 but also includes saturated fat and natural fat from plants and animals. The key to a healthy diet isn’t avoiding fat altogether but consuming the right kind of fat.

Fat is a game-changer in the new world.

Fat made its comeback in America about 2 years ago as seen in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines of Americans published by U.S. ODPHP (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion). The research, conducted across food industries including restaurants, hotels and consumer segment, shows that the trend for higher consumption of fat is rising.

Being healthy is about eating the right kind of fats by choosing products that contain high quality fats. If you need to use margarine for example, choose one without trans fat (look for “trans fat free” or “zero trans fat” on the nutritional label).

Fat is the new happiness

In conclusion, fats don’t harm us but actually allows us to eat better by including good fats into our diet. With regular exercise and the latest food innovations and technology, it has never been easier to welcome fats back into our lives.