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Our memories are shaped by our surroundings like belongings, songs and places. There was an article once about a hotel that impressed tourists from all over and kept them coming back repeatedly. What was so special about their service? Attention to details. 

What if we took that same attention to detail and applied it to bakeries? Imagine if you could transform your bakery from a place where people come and go, to a place that has them constantly coming back to make new memories. Here are 4 ways to make your bakery stand out in your customers’ minds.

1. Pay attention to your customers

Imagine walking into a nice bakery, stopping by the counter and instead of the usual “What would you like to order, sir?” you’re greeted by “Excuse me, could I have your name sir?”. Then throughout the service, the waiters all greet you by your name and even as you leave, they send you off with a “Thank you for choosing us, Mr/Miss…”. Calling your customers by their names makes them feel like you treat them more like people than just customers to make money off. This small, simple move can make a huge difference in making your customers feel special. 

2. Make your customers feel like the bakery is “theirs”

Again, imagine if a couple walks in on their first date and you have your waiter take a polaroid of them at their table on this special occasion. After they leave, you post it on your Facebook page and tag them in it. Now whenever they want to remember their first date, they can always look at this picture and remember your bakery as the place where it happened. The key here is to do small things like this to make your customers feel like they belong in your bakery and that you care. 

3. Remember details about your customer

Whether it’s their favourite dish or how much sugar they like in their coffee, remembering your customers’ details not only makes them feel special, it also lets you offer special services for them. Like baking a cake for their birthday or decorating the bakery just the way they like it, all these little details make a huge difference in creating a place that your customers will want to come back to. 

4. Creating special moments

Your bakery should be a place where your customers feel like they can celebrate a special moment. By offering a variety of exclusive services like creating a special dish, an anniversary cake or ordering flowers for a date, you can transform your bakery into the perfect place for your customers to make new memories that they’ll cherish for a long time.