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For Crepe

For Soft Crepe stuffed with Egg Salad with Ham and Cheese

  1. For Crepe

    • Boil milk with butter and BEST FOODS Butter Flavoured Margarine until melted. Remove from heat.
    • Sift the flour with vanilla powder and BEST FOODS Baking Powder Double Acting Formula together into a mixing bowl. Add sugar, eggs and beat with whisker until combined.
    • Mix all the mixture togetheruntil well combined. Strain through a fine sieve or cheesecloth and let stand in the fridge for ½ to 1 hour.
    • Heat a flat pan until hot. Use brush to coat the pan thinly with BEST FOODS Butter Flavoured Margarine. Ladle the crepe batter into the pan, tilt the pan to spread the batter all over the pan to make a thin crepe. Remove from pan when crepe turned yellow and place on the wire rack until completely cool.
  2. For Soft Crepe stuffed with Egg Salad with Ham and Cheese

    • Spread BEST FOODS Sweet Bakery Mayonnaise on the crepe and fold in halve. Place salad, ham, boiled eggs and cheddar cheese and roll to make coned-shape. Squeeze BEST FOODS Sweet Bakery Mayonnaise into the stuffing and serve.
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