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For Lava Bread

Apply a famous menu ingredient to a simple toast.



  1. For Lava Bread

    • Mix salted egg yolk with Best Foods Egg Custard Filling.
    • Mix mozzarella cheese with Best Foods Banana Filling.
    • Spread Best Foods Butter Flavoured Margarine on each bread slice.
    • Squeeze 50g of mixed Best Foods Egg Custard Filling or mixed Best Foods Banana Filling in the middle of bread slices.
    • Place the bread on top of the other, like a sandwich. Use fingertips to gently press on each side of the bread. Put bread slices in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.
    • Take the sandwich bread from the freezer. Coat both sides with egg by using bakery brush.
    • Heat the pan and put Best Foods Butter Flavoured Margarine. When Best Foods Butter Flavoured Margarine is melted, add bread and grill until both side becomes golden brown.
    • Ready to serve.
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