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Did you know that food colour can whet a diner’s appetite? A survey revealed that colour is one of the main factors that entices a customer to order that particular dish. For example, rainbow cakes took the food scene by storm thanks to their attractive hues, and Starbucks saw long lines of customers snaking out of their outlets they launched their Unicorn Frappuccino.

This alone tells us that colours play a vital role, so read on to see the meaning behind 4 of the most popular colours, and some applications for them.

1. Black – Chic and healthy

Using charcoal to get your black colouring not only makes your bakery stand out from the crowd, it can also generate business opportunities in today’s health-conscious world. Charcoal possesses a variety of health advantages, including extracting toxins from your body, improving mouth health, reducing cholesterol and more.

2. Red – Love and passion

Red invigorates the appetite and adds excitement to your treats! You can extract red colour from beetroot or roselle if you choose to use natural ingredients. Roselle pancakes and beetroot cakes are great ideas that are sure to fly off your shelves.

3. Yellow – Happiness

Many bakeries are painted yellow to boost customers’ happiness and increase their appetite. You can get yellow colouring from pumpkins, and you can use it as an ingredient in pumpkin bread and pumpkin cake.

4. Green – Healthy and organic

Green is often used to signify nature, organic ingredients and health. You can get green colouring from pandan leaves, spinach, green tea and several other naturally green ingredients. Some delicious food ideas include green tea brownies and spinach bread.

As you can see, adding colour can both improve flavour and make your baked goods look more attractive. Use the suggestions above to create new colourful recipes, and watch the customers flock to your bakery to try them!