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There are many favourite bakery snacks that can be frequently found at weekend markets, but that doesn’t mean that they will be available on a regular basis. Vendors may take a day off without giving clients prior notice. If you are one of them, you may lose regular as well as potential customers. Here are 4 solutions to ensure that your customers receive the latest updates from your bakery.

1. Create a social media page

Creating a social media presence – like a Facebook page – can give your brand or business an online voice and keep you constantly connected with the people who matter. This way, if your bakery shop is closed or relocated, your regular customers and those who want to visit can receive updates and plan ahead to support your business.

In addition, Facebook helps promote your new ideas and menus. Simply post photos on your page or increase post visibility by advertising on Facebook to reach out to more potential diners. Apart from keeping present customers updated, creating a Facebook page can be a tool for you to appeal to new customers.

2. Share your location on Google Maps 

Simply telling people where your bakery is may no longer be enough to boost your sales, especially if your bakery may not be in a location that’s easy to find.

For customers’ convenience, location should be identified so that customers can easily find their way to try your goodies without any difficulty. Hence, sharing your location on Google Maps and on your Facebook page is a must.

3. Start a Line@ account

Having a LINE@ account is essential for your shop, as this can be another channel to connect with customers who want to place an order or ask for menus. Clients familiar with LINE may feel more comfortable ordering via this channel.

However, the most important reason that you cannot overlook LINE@ is the speed, and almost real-time communication with customers using LINE.

4. Include your contact number

In spite of speed and almost real-time communication, LINE@ is still considered one-way communication tool, as you may not be able to answer clients at once. This is why direct two-way communication, like a phone call, still comes in handy.

Sometimes, clients may want to order right away, and if they send their information via Facebook Page or LINE, they may not receive an immediate response. That means you may miss some crucial orders or customers. The best solution is to include the telephone number of your bakery on your website, name cards and social media pages to ensure that you won’t miss any sales opportunity.

These 4 channels are what each bakery should have. Not only do they enable you to maintain your original group of customers, but it also lets you expand your business to cover new potential clients.