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  • Sticky Rice 1.0 kg

Fried Pork with Crispy Garlic

Fried Pork with Roasted White-Sesame

  • Pork Loin, batonnet cut 250.0 g
  • White Sesame, roasted 1.0 tbsp
  • Vegetable Oil (for deep frying) 1.0 bottle
  • Coriander Leaves (for decoration)
  1. Preparation

    • Warm oil in a pan then soak the marinated pork collar in Knorr selections Batter Mix, deep fry it until crispy and the colour turns golden. Set aside.
    • Deep fry the marinated pork loin until it is well cooked. Drain the oil off, sprinkle with roasted white sesame.
    • Place the two fried pork on a dish, serve with steamed sticky rice and Knorr chilli sauce.
  2. Fried Pork with Crispy Garlic

    • Marinate pork collar with all ingredients.
  3. Fried Pork with Roasted White-Sesame

    • Marinate pork loin with all ingredients.

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