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Lamb rack preparation

Peanut sauce preparation

Satay preparation

  • Compressed Rice 200.0 g
  • Achar 50.0 g
  1. Lamb rack preparation

    10 mins Marinate lamb rack with spices blend overnight
  2. Peanut sauce preparation

    20 mins
    1. Blend oil, lemongrass, onion, garlic, dried shrimp paste, coriander seed, cumin seeds, galangal root, skinned peanuts and cook simmer on pot
    2. Add Knorr Concentrated Tamarind Sauce and hot water, mix together to simmer medium heat, add chilli powder, sugar, salt, ginger flower, lime zest. Stir until thickened, about 8 -10mins
  3. Satay preparation

    10 mins
    1. Chargrill lamb rack (250 - 300degC) for 5mins to medium
    2. Plate peanut sauce on plate, add lamb rack and garnish