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For Roll Ring Pizza

  • Squid, sliced and blanched 100.0 g
  • Ketchup 3.0 tbsp
  • Minced Onion 2.0 tbsp
  • Pitted Olive, chopped 1.0 tbsp
  • Pickled Cucumber, chopped 1.0 tbsp
  • Ground Black Pepper 0.5 tsp
  • Paprika 0.5 tsp
  • Cherry tomato, sliced 50.0 g
  • Green sweet pepper, cut into pieces 50.0 g
  • Pineapple, cut into pieces 50.0 g
  • Onion, sliced 50.0 g
  • Grated Mozzarella Cheese 100.0 g
  • Oregano
  • Paprika
  • Parsley
  • Grain Bagels 3.0 piece
  • Blanched Shrimps 18.0 portion

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  1. For Roll Ring Pizza

    • Slice grain bagels in halves. Set aside.
    • Mix BEST FOODS SE bakery Mayonnaise with ketchup, chopped onion, olive, pickled cucumber, pepper and paprika in a mixing bowl.
    • Spread the mixture on the bread, place shrimp, squid, tomato, sweet pepper, pineapple, onion on the grain bagels and sprinkle with mozzarella.
    • Bake in a preheated oven at 400˚F for 45 minutes or golden. Remove from oven and sprinkle paprika, oregano and parsley. Ready to serve.

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