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Corn and Crab Meat Thick Soup

  • Clean Water 1.0 l
  • Crab Meat, pulled, steamed 80.0 g
  • Sweet Corn 200.0 g
  • Egg White 2.0 egg
  • Chinese Rice Wine 1.0 tsp
  • Potato Starch 4.0 tbsp
  • Coriander, minced
  • Ground Pepper
  1. Corn and Crab Meat Thick Soup

    • Boil the water in a pot, put KNORR Intense Meaty Essence, stir until well-combined. Then add sweet corn, pulled crab meat and Chinese rice wine for an aromatic smell.
    • Dissolve potato starch with water in relative ratio, stir until well-combined. Slowly add this into the boiling soup until it reaches the desired thickness, then add egg white and beat it into stripes.
    • Serve in a bowl, garnish with minced coriander.

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