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Mayonnaise – the Gourmand technic with Bread customers

Mayonnaise is well known for being the spread of choice in ham and cheese sandwiches, crab stick sandwiches and tuna sandwiches. Mayo’s rich, yet mellow taste complements a variety of dishes, and pairing mayonnaise with savoury bread recipes is a great idea.

You don’t need to hold on to old methods like using them as spreads and fillings;  thanks to its stable consistency under heat, mayonnaise can also be used as decoration to make your bread appear more enticing, all while packing different contrasting flavours like sweet, creamy and salty. It can even be mixed with other sauces to create different spreads and textures. Here are some novel ways to use mayonnaise to enhance your offerings.


Creating new sauce combinations

Sauces like Sriracha, wasabi, mustard and other flavours extracted from natural ingredients such as purple sweet potato, green tea and charcoal powder pair wonderfully with mayo. Simply mix mayo with your sauce of choice, add it to a squeeze bottle and use it to decorate the top of your baked treats. Adding natural colourings like orange, soft green, or pale purple contrasts beautifully with the colour of your bread and buns, giving them extra appeal.



Savoury sandwich cakes

Another novel and eye-catching way to offer savoury bread is in the form of a savoury sandwich cake, imitating layer cake. Use bread instead of sponge cake and mayonnaise instead of cream, then add ingredients like ham, cheese, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and whatever else you may desire.


Japanese fusion flavours

Japanese Pizza (Okonomiyaki)

One type of cuisine that goes really well with mayonnaise is Japanese food, especially their baked goods. For example, when making Japanese pizza – known as okonomiyaki – roll bread dough into a thin circle, spread the okonomiyaki sauce, then add crispy bacon, cabbage and other toppings. After baking, drizzle mayonnaise in thin lines on top and then sprinkle seaweed, bonito flakes and pickled ginger. Voila! You’ve got your remade okonomiyaki.


Japanese Takoyaki

Instead of the usual batter, roll bread dough into balls, top them with grilled octopus cut into small pieces, drizzle mayonnaise over the top, then finish with sprinkled seaweed and bonito flakes. The rich, umami taste of mayonnaise also goes very well with salmon, unagi, tuna, crab sticks, boiled shrimp, shrimp tempura, and fish or shrimp roe. You can also consider remaking Japanese onigiri and maki using bread as the base.


California Roll Up Sandwich

All you have to do to remake this popular sushi roll is to switch the rice to bread. Roll the slice of bread into a flat, thin rectangle. Spread some mayonnaise, add Japanese seaweed, crab sticks, sliced avocado, cooked asparagus, Japanese omelette slices and fish roe. Roll up the bread, cut into slices and plate.

These new inventive ideas are just some of the many ways mayonnaise can enhance bread products. Be it through the colours and flavours of sauces, the making of fusion food that Thais are so fond of, or even reinventing a big cake, mayonnaise is one of the easiest, most versatile ingredients on hand. Start experimenting and see the results!