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How to Prepare Soup

How to Prepare Noodles and Other Ingredients

  • Rice Vermicelli Noodles 80.0 g
  • Bean Sprouts 20.0 g
  • Long Bean, sliced 30.0 g
  • Fried Garlic with Pork Crackling 1.0 tbsp
  • Dry Cabbage Leaves 0.5 tsp
  • Seasoned Minced Pork, molded and cooked 3.0 bit
  • Pork Liver, sliced and cooked 2.0 piece
  • Pork Intestines, cooked 3.0 piece
  • Pork Stomach, cooked and sliced 2.0 piece
  • Pork Balls 3.0 item


  • Sugar 1.0 tbsp
  • ำปลา 1.0 tbsp
  • Roast Peanuts, grounded 1.0 tbsp
  • Chilli Powder 1.0 tsp
  • Egg, medium boiled 0.5 cup
  • Green Onion, sliced
  • Culantro, cut
  • Dumpling Skin, fried 2.0 slice
  1. How to Prepare Soup

    • Heat water and add pork spine bone, coriander root, roughly pounded garlic, black peppers, crystalline sugar, pickled garlic juice, padanus leaves, radish, Aroysure All-In-One Pork Flavoured Seasoning, and Knorr Clear Noodle Soup Powder Pork Flavour.
    • Bring to boil. Skim off foam and season to your taste.
  2. How to Prepare Noodles and Other Ingredients

    • Put water on stove and bring to boil. Add noodles, bean sprouts and long bean. Once cooked, Put In a bowl then Add fried garlic with pork crackling and dried cabbage leaves. Stir well.
    • Cook the minced pork, pork innards, and pork balls In the boiling water. Put them In the same bowl with noodles.
  3. Serving

    • Top the noodles with pork balls, minced pork, pork intestines, pork liver, and pork stomach. Arrange to your preference.
    • Season with sugar, Knorr Premium Fish Sauce, Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder, ground peanut and chilli powder. Top with medium boiled egg.
  4. เคล็ดลับ

    • Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder mixes with water in a 1:3 ratio to get the concentrated lemon juice for cooking.

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