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How to Make the Dish

  1. How to Make the Dish

    • Wash the shrimps, remove shells and devein before washing them again.
    • Prepare the ingredients by pounding bird-eye chillis, slicing fresh galangal, lemongrass, and coriander root. Set aside.
    • Heat the stock. Add in coriander root, red onion, sliced fresh galangal, and pounded bird-eye chilis. Bring to boil then add straw mushroom.
    • Season to your taste with sugar, chilli paste, Knorr Premium Fish Sauce, Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder, and Aroysure All-In-One Chicken Flavoured Seasoning. Mix well and bring to boil.
    • Add the shrimps into the stock. Once the shrimps are cooked, reduce heat and add evaporated milk and sliced kaffir lime leaves. Season to your taste.
  2. Serving

    • Put Tom Yum Goong in a bowl. Decorate with coriander leaves and sliced chili pepper. Serve while hot.
  3. Secret Tips for Business Owners

    • To make the soup smooth, reduce heat before adding evaporated milk so that it will not separate itself and form a layer.
    • It is recommended that one serve of Tom Yum Gung contains 7 shrimps.