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Black Sesame Sponge

Lipton Yellow Label Tea Mousse

Lipton Tea Jelly

  • Hot Water 250.0 g
  • LIPTON Yellow Label Tea 2 g 3.0 sachet
  • Instant Syrup 40.0 g

Simple adaptation of tea can increase value of your bakery



  1. Black Sesame Sponge

    • Pre-heat the oven to 200C. Prepare a mold (size 12*17*1 inches). Apply oil and put a parchment paper on it.
    • Beat eggs, sugar, and ovalett together with egg beater at high speed for 10 minutes.
    • Melt unsalted butter and set aside.
    • Sift flour, BEST FOODS Baking Powder Double Acting Formula, and salt together.
    • Mix evaporated milk, ground black sesame, and vanilla scent together.
    • Once the egg is stiff, change to low speed and slowly whisk in the sifted flour alternating with the black sesame mixture (starting from sifted flour, then black sesame mixture, and end with sifted flour).
    • Blend the ingredients together and slowly add melted margarine.
    • Continue beating with low speed for 1 more minute to get smaller air bubbles.
    • Pour the mixture into the mold and bake for 12 minutes.
    • Once done, remove from the oven and set aside to allow the cake to be colder. Cut it to fit the mold you desire.
  2. Lipton Yellow Label Tea Mousse

    • Infuse LIPTON Yellow Label Tea 1 day in advance by boiling milk until bubbling then remove from the stove and infuse LIPTON Yellow Label Tea. Close the container and put in a fridge for 1 night.
    • Take out 225 g of infused tea from LIPTON Yellow Label Tea bag (the rest of the tea can be kept in a freezer for futer use).
    • Mix gelatin powder with clean water and set aside to allow the gelatin to fully bloom. Melt in a microwave or put on a pot with hot water inside.
    • Warm up the infused LIPTON Yellow Label Tea. Blend well with brown sugar and dissolved gelatin.
    • Blend in BEST FOODS Vanilla Flavoured Filling.
    • Beat whipping cream until stiff.
    • Blend the tea mixture with the whipping cream. Wrap with plastic film and put in a fridge.
  3. Lipton Tea Jelly

    • Mix gelatin powder with clean water and set aside to let the gelatin fully bloom. Melt in microwave or put on a pot with hot water inside.
    • Put LIPTON Yellow Label Tea in hot water for 5 minutes then remove the tea bag. Squeeze the tea bag to drain out water. Add instant syrup and gelatin then blend well.
    • Pour into a container and close the lid tight before putting in a frdige. Once the LIPTON Yellow Label Tea jelly is settled.
  4. Assembling the Cake

    • Put the sponge cake into the mold as desire.
    • Squeeze the milk tea mousse all over. Arrange LIPTON Yellow Label Tea Jelly that is already cut on the mousse then cover with the milk tea mouse. Repeat until the mold is almost full.
    • Cover with sponge cake that fits the mold.
    • Put in a fridge to let it settle so you can cut it later.

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