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For the macaron shells

  • Ground Almonds 150.0 g
  • Icing Sugar 150.0 g
  • White Sugar 150.0 g
  • Water 30.0 ml
  • Food Colouring 0.5 tsp
  • KNORR Lime Seasoning Powder 400 g 5.0 g
  • Egg White 2.0 egg

For the lime cream cheese filling

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  1. For the macaron shells

    1. Sift ground almonds and icing sugar together. Mix with egg whites (amount specified for Part 1).
    2. Boil sugar and water; check when syrup temperature reaches 110°C. Start to whisk egg whites (amount specified for Part 2) on high speed and gradually add Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder until foamy (Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder helps harden the egg white foam).
    3. When the syrup temperature reaches 117°C , start pouring it over the egg whites while whisking, followed by the food colouring. Keep beating until the mixture is warm.
    4. Add the prepared mixture from step 1.1; keep blending until it starts to look glossy and not too runny. Pour batter into a pastry bag and pipe onto a baking parchment or silicon sheet. Each macaron should be. 2-2.5 cm in width. Leave to dry for 1-2 hours.
    5. Bake at 150°C for 15-18 minutes. Leave to cool before taking off the tray.

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  2. For the lime cream cheese filling

    1. Mix Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder and Best Foods Vanilla Flavoured Filling together.
    2. Mix Best Foods Extra Butter Flavoured Margarine with cream cheese using a spatula. Add the mixture from step 2.1 and blend well together.
  3. Assembly

    Match macaron shells of the same sizes. Pipe lime cream cheese onto one half and sandwich between the other. Press lightly to keep them together. Refrigerate.