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How to prepare

  • Freshwater Prawn, large size 1.0 portion.
  • Neem, cooked 100.0 g
  • Quail Eggs, boiled and fried 3.0 egg
  • Fried Shallots 15.0 g
  • Tamarind Sauce 3.0 tbsp
  • Coriander Leaves, For Topping
  • Red Chili, Sliced For Topping
  • Caviar Or Salmon Eggs, For Topping

Tamarind sauce

  • KNORR SELECTIONS Fish Sauce 4500 ml 150.0 g
  • Coconut Sugar 350.0 g
  1. How to prepare

    • Clean the shrimp thoroughly and cut into halves. Grill the shrimp until the meat is cooked. Set aside.
    • Place the neem leaves into small bouquets. Place them on the plate along with halved grilled shrimps and quail eggs.
    • Pour the tamarind sauce over the shrimps and quail eggs. Sprinkle fried shallots all over, followed by salmon eggs, coriander leaves, and sliced red pepper, and the dish is ready to be served.
  2. Tamarind sauce

    • Mix all ingredients and stir well.
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