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Potatoes preparation

Making the dish

Learn how to make a Ghostly Stew that is sure to thrill and fill the hungriest of bellies. Try this frighteningly delicious recipe that's sure to be a treat.



  1. Potatoes preparation

    1. Peel off potato skin and rinse with water. Boil the potato and let it cool.
    2. Mash the boiled potato in a prepared container.
    3. Mix the fresh cream into mashed potato. Add some milk to make it even more tender.
    4. Sprinkle Knorr Aromat and black pepper to taste.
  2. Making the dish

    1. Rinse the tenderloin with clean water. Dice up tenderloin and carrot. Fry until turn brown.
    2. Heat 500 ml of water in a pot and bring to boil.
    3. Add in 50g of Knorr Demi Glace.
    4. When the soup boils, add in diced carrot and beef. Simmer until tender.
    5. Stir in sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, champignons and continue simmering until the vegetables are cooked.
    6. Serve hot with rice and mashed potato.

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