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For Bread & Butter Pudding

  1. For Bread & Butter Pudding

    • Preheat the oven 160°C for 15-20 minutes with convection oven (prepare for water bath baking).
    • Coat the container evenly with Best Foods Butter Flavoured Margarine.
    • Add egg, egg yolk and sugar and mix with wire whisk until combine.
    • Gradually pour milk, cream and vanilla then mix until well combined.
    • Strain the mixture and prepare other ingredients.
    • Dip the cubed brioche in the cream mixture and transfer to the prepared container.
    • Layer with chocolate chip then coat with Butter Flavoured Margarine.
    • Repeat the alternative layers until filling up.
    • Pour the cream mixture into the container. Make sure it is spread evenly.
    • Bake in a water bath.
    • When cooked, chill the pudding for a bit.
    • Serve together with ice cream and top with Best Foods Chocolate Topping.