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KNORR SELECTIONS Lime Seasoning Powder 67 g -

The fresh flavour of Paan Limes, now available all year round.

Regardless of the season, this offers the consistently delicious sourness.

  • The consistently sour taste of Paan lime every time you use.
  • Fragrance of lime
  • Consistent juice yield
  • Save up to 5x the cost, compared to fresh lime
KNORR SELECTIONS Lime Seasoning Powder 67 g - So easy to create a burst of sourness and fragrance!

So easy to create a burst of sourness and fragrance!

KNORR SELECTIONS Lime Seasoning Powder 67 g
KNORR SELECTIONS Lime Seasoning Powder 67 g - Made from real Paan limes, Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder gives you the burst of freshness.

Key product information

  • No Preservatives Added

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Made for Chefs by Chefs. A versatile seasoning with the refreshing taste of lime, perfect for many food and dessert applications.

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Shake the pouch properly before use. add 3 portions of normal temperature water into 1 portion of Knorr Lime Seasoning Powder, stir well to let the powder completely dissolved.

Product Packaging

8 x 6 x 67 g.


120 fresh limes


Close pack tightly and store in a cool and dry place.


(1) 5 times more saving compared to fresh lime. Maintain consistent taste quality throughout the year (2) With real limes - 1 pack = 120 pieces of fresh lime or equal to less than 1 Baht a piece of fresh lime (3) Easy to use - Just add water to unlock the freshness of lime (4) Natural taste and aroma of real limes/Halal certified for use in varied menus

Allergen Information

Soy lecithin and may contain Wheat, Sulphite
  • Nutrition Information

    Portion size = 4g
    Typical Values Per 100g as sold Per 100ml as sold Per portion
    Energy kJ - kJ - kJ 0.000 kJ
    Energy kcal 371.000 kcal - kcal 14.840 kcal
    Total carbohydrate 92.80 g - g 4.00 g
    Sodium, Na 7.94 mg - mg 0.00 mg
    Protein 1.25 g - g 0.00 g
    Cholesterol 0.00 mg - mg 0.00 mg
    Dietary fiber 0.45 g - g 0.00 g
    Total Fat 0.00 g - g 0.00 g
    Fatty acids, total saturated 0.000 g - g 0.000 g
    Sugars, total 67.80 g - g 3.00 g
    % of Reference Intake of an average adult 8400kj/2000kcal