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Below are 3 diseases that can be prevented by having a proper meal in the morning.

1. Obesity

After dinner, the body has to go 10-12 hours without food overnight, which results in low blood sugar levels,. If breakfast is not eaten, the body will signal the brain  to crave higher calorie meals during the day to compensate for the loss of blood sugar.  Thus, by consuming breakfast, we tend to have better control over our weight.

2. Diabetes

Having breakfast regularly reduces the chance of the body developing insulin resistance, which can then minimise the risk of having diabetes by 35-50%.

3. Urinary calculi

A prolonged period of sleep causes cholesterol to start binding in the gallbladder and if this remains unchecked, urinary calculi may form, Breakfast will stimulate the liver into releasing bile to dissolve cholesterol that is binding in the gallbladder, reducing the chances of having urinary calculi.

Resource: http://health.kapook.com