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Here are 3 tips to make your breakfast dish irrestible.

1. Quick and easy

As the result of urbanisation, people tend to be constantly on the move and want breakfasts that are convenient for their lifestyles. Consumers seek meals - such as sandwiches or grilled potatoes with sticky rice - that do not require any utensils and are available at convenient locations. There are some of the key factors in the breakfast business.

2. Rich in nutritional value

Healthy food is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Offering nutritious breakfasts is the perfect answer to the current customers' need for healthier meals.

3. Competitive price

The cost of your food has to be reasonable when compared to other food outlets: you can take note of the prices of your competitors as well as how much a customer is willing to pay, and then set a suitable price.

Resource: http://www.smeleader.com