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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and health-conscious consumers are well aware of this. Urbanisation has had a significant effect on our lifestyle, and peopel are now more active and tend to prefer meals that are quick and easy. Thus, ready-to-eat breakfasts are one of the fastest growing trends in food industry because it matches perfectly with the customers' changing preferences. Fast food restaurants, convenience sores and bakery cafes have started to notice the importance of breakfast and have begun offering them, so much so that breakfast has been identified as one of the strategic focuses in food.

Breakfast on the go is recognised as a leading trend that will be around for a while, as most diners know that they should not forgo breakfast, no matter how little time they have. Therefore, as long as there is a convenient meal with high nutritional value at an affordable price, customers will want to visit your food establishment.

Unilever Food Solutions wants to help you stay up-to-date with the latest breakfast food trends. We have a wide range of products that provide nutritious, quick and easy breakfasts. Moreover, the Unilever Food Solutions chef team has extensive experience in creating new menu ideas that will attract more customers. We provide tips on consistency and cost-saving, and we are confident that with our solutions you can grow your business quickly and more effectively.