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If you’ve ever gotten bored with your tea and coffee recipes, you can now transform them into eye-catching new beverages! Adding unusual colours helps make your drinks more appealing, especially if they’re made with natural ingredients. Here are some colourful tips that’ll make your beverages even more captivating to customers.

Galaxy blue

Galaxy blue

This colour is very trendy and widely used with Thai sweets, ice cream and drinks. Most operators use butterfly pea flowers to achieve this colour. Adding the acidity from a citrus fruit or lime juice can turn the blue to purple, which also can be used to create colour layers. One of the best drinks for this colour is Blue Matcha Latte, which can be served either hot or cold.

Black drink


Another colour that’s just as popular as blue is black colouring derived from charcoal. It’s a by-product of burning wood bark or coconut shells at temperatures above 1,000°C, and can be used in various cooking methods. In fact, it’s long been familiar with Thai people since it is used in to give the dessert Kanom Piag-Poon its glossy black appearance. It works great in drinks and ice creams, and we recommend trying out Black Tea Charcoal, made by mixing charcoal powder in warm tea, then adding some ice and lime juice.

Red and pink

Red and Pink

It’s easy to get red and pink colouring from dried rose petals, hibiscus, roselle, and grenadine. Rose and hibiscus work especially well because not only do they produce beautiful pink and red hues, they also add enticing fragrance and flavour to your drink.



Nowadays, purple colouring – usually derived from purple potatoes – is an undeniable champion of all colour trends. Apart from giving food, sweets and drinks beautiful colour, it also contains anthocyanin, which has many health benefits. It is an anti-oxidant, and reduces the risk of heart diseases and arteriosclerosis. It also contains anti-aging properties, and slows down eye deterioration. You can even promote these properties to entice health-conscious clients.