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Over the past 2-3 years, there has been a significant change in how drinks are packaged. For example, one of the trendiest drink presentations now is a bowl attached to the top of the drinking cup, making it easy for customers to carry their food and drink in just one hand. Here are some great ideas that’ll inspire you to experiment with how your drink is presented. 


Regardless of shape or size, bottles are always a great idea. The current trend is simple, clean-cut glass bottles that you can fill up with tea, coffee and other health-focused drinks. 


Small buckets – much like the sort you find at beach parties – can be filled with a customer’s drink of choice. You can add your restaurant’s name and logo for some free advertisement if your customer carries that bucket down the street!  

Ice Cream Cones 

It might sounds strange, but why can’t ice cream cones hold drinks? Just pick cones that are thick enough to hold liquids, or simply buy ones that are specifically designed to do the job and prevent any accidents.

Beakers and Test Tubes   

Thanks to their unique design, beakers and test tubes have become very popular in cafés. Give yours some interesting designs to make them stand out.

Light bulbs 

Not only are they a source of light, but empty light bulbs can also be an interesting vessel to drink from.

Tips for choosing the right drink container

  1. Keep in mind the type of drink that’s going to be in it, e.g. hot or cold, thick or runny, etc.
  2. If your drink has an interesting colour – or more than one colour –  try to use a transparent container so that it can be seen clearly. 
  3. If it has a unique design and shape that make it distinctive, it’ll be easy for customers to recognise the restaurant that it comes from, and thus come pay you a visit.
  4. Choose the right size that fits the price that the drink is sold for.
  5. Also, try to choose the right size according to your customer base and their purchasing power.