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Don’t be surprised when your next dessert comes as a beautiful drink topped with ice cream, candy or even pretzels. This new beverage trend has been around in Thailand for quite a while, and can be found in quaint cafés mostly situated in the centre of Bangkok. This trend not only features new flavours; it also helps revive traditional drinks to make them playful and attractive again. Plus, the creations are often Instagrammable and worth uploading to social media, which means their popularity spreads online surprisingly quickly and can boost your restaurant’s online presence. Here’s how to start implementing these delightful desserts in your restaurant! 

drinks and desserts

Step  1: Create a beautiful pattern on the glass interior

Drizzle chocolate sauce, caramel, coffee sauce, matcha sauce or any other thick sauces that contrast well against the colour of the drink. 

Step 2: Decorate the rim with edible ornaments

Coat the rim with melted chocolate, syrup or lemon juice. Add roasted nuts, marshmallows, and other treats. The flourishes should be practical, and their flavours should go well with the drink itself.

Step 3: Try adding a centrepiece ornament

Besides decorating the rim, you can also add large goodies – like donuts, whipped cream and colourful edible straws –  that create a beautiful focal point and balance the overall appearance of the drink.

Additional decoration tips 

  • If you don’t know what to decorate your cake with, try tiny pieces of diced cake, fresh fruits, and dusting icing over the top to create a yummy cake theme. 
  • Make sure that you only try this out with shakes or smoothies, as they are dense enough to prevent the decorations from sinking.