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Food truly represents the way of life, thoughts, spirit and cultures of Thai people. Eating is a big deal for Thais, and this is reflected in our everyday greeting. Instead of “how are you?”, we ask, “have you eaten yet?” – a clear indication that Thais see food as a big part of our life.

Authentic Thai food is still very popular and plays a big part in our culture. However, we Thais nowadays have opened our hearts to accept and explore new tastes and flavours from other food cultures. 

This means that Thai diners can now treat their palates to more food choices.

It is crucial for restaurants to have a variety of choices, especially Thai restaurants that have to cater to diners’ eating habits.

Thais generally like to eat and share our food with our friends and family. This is why we always have 3 to 5 dishes for each meal; it’s a reflection of the variety of food we share as a family. However, having a range of choices for us doesn't just mean quantity, but new ideas, inspiration, and food presentation as well.

Unilever Food Solutions understands the needs of Thai diners, and we are ready to work closely with Thai food operators to create a variety of choices for their customers.