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During Halloween, most restaurants decorate their places and dishes to add that haunting touch of Halloween so that their customers will feel the excitement and fun. What you need is just some simple but convincing items to help raise the fun, exciting atmosphere of Halloween in your restaurant. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Haunted paper ghost lamp
    All you need is orange and white stencil paper, LED lights, and a rope. Draw a ghost on the stencil paper, cut out the shape, fold the paper to form a lamp and then put an LED light inside. Tie the lamps to the rope and you will get a lamp that looks like a floating spirit in the dark.  

  2. Deadly poison bottles
    Alcoholic drinks certainly add to the fun in any Halloween party. You only need to print out labels with scary patterns or names such as ‘Poison’ and paste them on the bottles. You can then place these bottles as decorations around your restaurant, or in the fridge to add to the Halloween atmosphere.

  3. Witch’s cauldron pasta
    Just cut your pasta into a ghost pattern. Stir-fry the pasta with carrots cut into Jack O’Lantern shapes and put them in a clay pot or a bowl that looks like a witch’s cauldron to create this spooky dish.

  4. Floating eyeballs
    Paint black eyes on a foam ball and cover it with shredded white cloth. Hang the eyeballs in front of the restaurant to enhance the eerie atmosphere for your customers.

  5. Spider web from a trash bag
    Fold a trash bag into a triangle that looks like a soft-serve ice-cream wafer. Cut the trash bag with a cutter into the shape of a spider web. Unfold the bag and stick the creepy black spider web in your restaurant.

  6. Mummy lamp
    You can decorate unused glass jars by wrapping them in gauze and bandages, sticking on fake eyes, and putting a candle or light inside to get a mummy lamp.

  7. Haunting Jack O’Lantern
    Since pumpkins are considered a Halloween signature, just carve an evil grinning face on a pumpkin and put a light bulb inside. Turn off all the lights except for the one inside the pumpkin and see how spooky it is!

  8. Wicked mashed potato witch
    First, scoop out the potato filling, leaving only the skin. Bake the skin to make it crispy, and then put the filling back in. Finally, add ears, eyes, nose and mouth or decorate as you wish.

  9. Creepy, mysterious graveyard
    Add the atmosphere of a creepy graveyard to your restaurant by pouring sand into a glass bowl, then decorating it with stones, grass, coffins, skulls, giant spiders or other creepy items. Put a candle nearby to light it up and get ready for your customers.

If you’d like to decorate your restaurant for Halloween, try these ideas; they are sure to send a chill down your customer’s spine!