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The competition in the coffee industry is increasingly fierce. Owners need to constantly impress their customers by either introducing new bakery offerings or appealing beverages. However, despite the pressure, there are new cafés opening every single day. Thus, we decided to put together 5 simple factors that you need to know to ensure the success of your business.

  1. Understand your consumer: This is the most important factor that you need to consider before opening a café. An in-depth understanding of your target consumers assists you in effectively designing your offerings and ensuring that it truly matches their needs.
  2. Unique product offering: You must be able to create and then amplify your product’s uniqueness; be it the taste or presentation. Consistently delivering quality products is also one of the fundamentals.
  3. Price: There are many factors needed to be taken into account in setting an appropriate price, such as your target market, product quality, market price and your operation costs.
  4. Marketing: Marketing is one of the key drivers of business. You have to understand the best types of communication to utilise in order to reach out to your target consumers in the most effective way. Do you need an online channel or just simply an outstanding signage in front of your shop?
  5. Location: Having the right location will help attract the right group of consumers as well as sustain customer traffic. Again, you have to truly understand your consumers so you can serve them at the right place and time.

From the factors mentioned above, Unilever Food Solutions understands the challenge that café operators are facing. We want our quality products and services to be a part of your café bakery in order to ease the tension that you might be facing. Our chef team is ready to be part of your journey with the aim of creating the best solutions for you, so you can produce the best products at the most efficient cost for your consumers.