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Chef Satana Chuensiripong

Chef Satana Chuensiripong

Western Cuisine Chef, Unilever Food Solutions, Thailand

“The smiles, happy expressions and satisfaction of the customers are a chef’s inspiration.”

For Chef Satana, the interest in cooking dates back to his childhood. His family made a living by selling food, so he asked his parents for permission to try cooking and started developing his culinary skills. After realising that cooking was his passion, Chef Satana went on to study at the School of Culinary Arts, Suan Dusit Rajabhat University. After that, he worked in a restaurant in the Sukhumvit area before working for Unilever Food Solutions, Thailand.

In his perspective, cooking techniques are not absolute because he believes food has no rules. Chef Satana gives priority to the cooking process as much as ingredient preparation because food is delicate and everything must be proportional. His choice of ingredients depends on the different flavours required for each dish. Additionally, he believes that a chef needs to pour their heart into their cooking in order to make the dish delicious.

According to Chef Satana, his most memorable recipe is Chicken and Gourd with Preserved Lime Soup, because he first created this dish by trial and error. When he finally perfected the soup’s flavour, he served it to his family and everyone loved it.

Being a chef is not easy; you need to fight hard and put in lots of effort. Chef Satana thinks that this is a challenge every chef faces. This is especially so when you’re working with Michelin-starred chefs, as the pressure of racing against time, choosing ingredients and facing picky customers can be overwhelming and is very much like an obstacle course.

The principle he holds on to is “think, do, and test”, and he believes that perfection is derived from the combination of these three factors.