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Chef Phimphan Sabying

Chef Phimphan Sabying

Thai Cuisine Chef, Unilever Food Solutions, Thailand

“When I was younger, I helped my mother with the daily cooking as I was her only daughter. That’s the start of my cooking career.”

After graduating from junior high school, Chef Phimphan went on to high school to pursue her dream of majoring in domestic science. Then she decided to complete her bachelor’s degree in food from Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon. She has held several different roles in many large companies, including heading the bakery department at Bic C, teaching at Dusit Thani College, as well as working with M.L. Sirichalerm Svastivadhana (Chef McDang) and Betagro. She currently works for Unilever Food Solutions, Thailand.

What inspires Chef Phimphan’s love for cooking is always learning something new about food and choosing the best ingredients for her customers, and she believes that putting her heart into the food she prepares is key to the success of her career. Choosing ingredients carefully also plays an important role, because if they do not meet the necessary standards, the food may not taste as good as it could. For example, in Chinese food, ingredients may need to be prepared in the same quantity and stir-fried quickly in order for them to be cooked evenly.

The ingredients should also be fragrant, but you need to find the right combination of seasonings that matches your dishes. This may mean that you have to get seasonings from different brands.

Working as a chef has taught Chef Phimphan many things, especially when she worked with Betagro’s CEO who liked Thai fusion food and presented her with opportunities to create innovative Thai dishes.

“If you cook with your heart and always pay attention to the small details, your food will always taste good,” said Chef Phimphan.

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