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Chef Phanumas Zaw-raksa

Chef Phanumas Zaw-raksa

Executive Chef Unilever Food Solutions

“Never stop learning and creating good things to this evolving world to support chefs and restaurant operators”

Is the inspiration behind every dish he creates of a chef who loves to learn and develop new recipes, with his experiences of former Chef de Partie Western Cuisine of Thai Airways Catering Department and one of the team member responsible for initiating new western menus to be served for Thai Airways, domestically and internationally.

With the love of cooking since young age and growing up with grandmother who usually cook Thai food for the whole family, he decided to pursue the career of cooking in Bachelor Degree at College of Tourism and Hospitality, Rangsit University, majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management and then pursue further education at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, in Sydney, Australia with Dux Award in Superior Cuisine Prize or First-class honors as a guarantee of talented chef.

His unique signature is East meet West fusion style such as Asian twist of mixing Thai style of curry paste with western sauce that gives newness and excitement. His favorite ingredients are seafood and pasta.

Apart from cooking, he also likes car modifying which might sounds the opposite of cooking but actually they both share the same characteristic which is paying attention to details that full of creativity and beauty. 

For him, no matter what it is cooking or something else, his motto is always “Success is by-product of attempt, so never stop trying execute good work”

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