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Chef Kanya Kusolsinchai

Chef Kanya Kusolsinchai

Senior Bakery Chef, Unilever Food Solutions, Thailand

“I want everyone to have a chance to try delicious treats from bakeries just like mine.”

This is a sentence Chef Kanya, a pastry chef, always holds close to her heart. Because of her intense love for bakeries, Chef Kanya in learning everything about bakeries.

Before she started working for Unilever Food Solutions, Thailand, she was a chef in the Middle East. Her inspiration for cooking lies in finding new ingredients for her pastries. While this is a process that is exhaustive and delicate, Chef Kanya always enjoys the challenge of inventing new recipes.

Each chosen ingredient needs to be compatible with the unique taste of a dish. For example, lemon and passion fruit are both sour but also taste different. Therefore, one needs to carefully choose which one pairs best with the dish that’s being created.

Continuously learning to improve your skills little by little is Chef Kanya’s secret to making bakery treats more than just delicious.