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Your menu can make or break your restaurant and comprises of so much more than just the name and price of your dishes. Here are 5 factors to keep in mind to make sure your menu stands out from the competition.

1.  Ingredient sources

Diners nowadays are more aware of where their food comes from and how it’s prepared. Pay attention to your ingredients’ origins and traceability to appease diners and give them peace of mind.

2. Local food

Local cuisine appeals to both Thai and international tourists, especially street food that they recognise either through personal experience or social media. Don’t forget to include favourites like pad thai (Thai style stir-fried rice noodles) and khao soi (curry- and coconut-flavoured noodle soup), among others.  

3. Artisanal dishes

The latest food trend that’s taking the world by storm is artisanal dishes made with organically-grown local products, free from harmful substances and cooked in an easy but flavourful way. Diners – especially foreign ones – love the idea that they’re eating authentic dishes with home-grown ingredients, and are charmed by their origin story. 

If you own or work in a hotel, you also may want to consider bringing in an Artisanal Chef who knows how to prepare these ingredients in a way that enhances their flavour to create a truly unique dish. The chef needs to fully understand each ingredient so that they can tell its story to customers – this will help them appreciate the dish’s taste and increase the chances of them ordering it. 

4. Culture

Food culture – or traditional food – is the culinary legacy that’s inherited and passed down from generation to generation. As the number of tourists increase in 2018, highlighting local food culture can be your hotel’s key attraction, and your chefs should be able to create the dishes perfectly.  

5. Healthy options

This includes various styles of healthy food such as raw ingredients (vegetables and fruits), “clean” food with minimum processing and cooking (vegetables and meats), and veggie dishes. Consumers and tourists are paying more attention to their health, so preparing new dishes that provide various healthy options is a huge factor that HORECA entrepreneurs should take into account when creating their menu.